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Welcome to ICLAM, the International Committee for Insurance Medicine.

ICLAM is an independent non-profit organization for insurance medicine and has no commercial interests. ICLAM was founded in Amsterdam in 1901 at the second World conference of Insurance medicine, but its history started with the first World conference in Brussels in 1899.

In 2019 ICLAM will organize the 30th World Conference of Inurance Medicine, 120 years after the first conference.

ICLAM's aims are to provide an international forum for the latest statistics on prognosis of medical and surgical treatment in the field of life, disability and health insurance. ICLAM arranges World conferences of Insurance medicine every three years and gives support to new organizations of insurance medicine on all continents.

In 2015 ICLAM instituted the ICLAM Award, to be given at each conference to the author of the best contribution to insurance medicine presented at the conference.

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